Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Microsoft Word Tabs 

Today we are constantly living with tabs. How did we do without them?

Tabs in our browsers allow us to have more than one site open at a time. Tabs in other programs such as our text editors allow us to work on more than one document at a time. Or tabs allow us to have one document open as a reference while writing another.

Office Tab  is a handy add-on that allows you to have tabs in any version of Microsoft Office. It also works in Excel and Powerpoint.

For the reasons mentioned above, I have found it very helpful. Switching documents is so simple, and fast. The download is only a few meg. and it installs in less than a minute.  It integrates so well with the program you will think it was always there.

There is a paid version for additional program use such as Publisher and Access, but the free version will suit most users.

If you use Word and Excel a lot, and like to have more than one document open at a time, you might want to check it out.




  Clicking on the ‘x’ or centre clicking will close the tab.

  Opening another document will open it in a new tab.

  Click the tab to change documents or

  For us keyboard types, CTRL+Tab changes tabs Smile




There are many other useful things on the ExtendOffice site you may find useful.

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