Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Not All Truck Drivers 

Travel day 3, bright and sunny, heavy traffic in spots, overall a great day of traveling.

US Truckers

Having been a trainer for large vehicles for a good part of my life, I have to make this observation and comment about truck drivers. I have driven them, and I have trained drivers to drive them. Trips down this way in past years have been very good, I think I know a lot of their “driving language” and most are out there busting their butts making a living that is not easy in the “land of four-wheelers” as they say.

There are a multitude of big rig drivers out there – finest kind – as they say of each other. The blinking lights that say thank you, the flash to pull in, and on it goes.

Wall to wall trucks is common these days because lets face it, nearly everything is shipped by truck.

But the one’s who are not good drivers are the ones I am going to refer to. Where do they get these people? Do the companies provide any training? Most of all do they do any checking?

Why do I ask?


Today I observed the following – multi-times:

*Trucks driving 4 ft from the vehicle in front, no exaggeration.

*A trailer with sheets of ice flying off the top of the trailer into traffic for miles and miles.

*A tractor trailer going down a long mountain hill with brakes so hot all 18 wheels were smoking. The smoke was thick enough to affect visibility, that’s close to a fire.

*Trucks that say to heck with traffic, throw on the signal light and jerk the rig left to pass all in one motion with no traffic check. That’s right Jerk it left, not move left.

There’s more, but that’s enough for this day.

Thing is, that’s dangerous to life and limb, no matter who is the one doing the  ‘pissing off.’ You won’t be out there working hard earning a living if one little thing goes wrong.

At a minimum you will be tied up for hours doing paper work. Maybe even  longer if one of you is not longer with us.

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