Saturday, December 01, 2012

Do You Smell Food? 

Enjoying bright sunshine and 24 deg C.(75 F.) temperatures today. “If you are lucky enough to be at the beach, you are lucky enough.”


A during the trip story

While driving on the last day of our trip south, my lady said, “I smell food. It smells like Kentucky chicken, do you smell it?”


This is some where out in the middle of an interstate, where you wonder where its coming from.


“Yes,” I replied, “ I can, and I wonder where its coming from, there doesn’t seem to be much near here.”


Now on the last day we ended up driving 11 hours, so you become a little immune to almost everything except the concentration on safety that you must always apply.


Some hundreds of miles later after the above inquiry, she says again, “I can smell food again, I really can, can you?”


Again in the middle of no-where, I reply: “Smells like s*&^t to me (translation farm dung), ugggh, we are in farming territory. I wouldn’t want to eat it.”  icon_rolleyes


“Oh yes, that’s what it is, I can tell now,” she says, with added facial expression.


She must have been really really hungry – or tired!

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