Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Received a call from one who identified herself as "Corporate Research" doing a survey on Mortgages for CMAC and what not.



Her: "Would you have 10 minutes to answer some questions on that subject?"



Me: "OK"



Her: "Please be advised, that you cannot be identified by the questions or answers to the survey, it is completely anonymous. It cannot be traced. This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes."


Continuing ...


"Are you over 18"



Me: "Yes."


Her: "Do you own the home you are currently living in?"



Me: "Yes."



Her: "This survey has to do with people who are renting their home. So unfortunately you do not qualify. Thank you for your time, you have a nice day."



Now I have some questions:


* Cannot be traced huh? You just called my number. You already know who and where I am. If you don't, either you or your computer is dumb.



* If you are 'corporate research' as stated, how come my caller ID doesn't indicate so?



* You also stated you are doing a survey for CMAC on Mortgages, but I don't qualify because the survey is for people who are renting their homes. Well now, can you explain to me, or give me an example of a renter that has a "renter mortgage."


Telephone calls are so entertaining – I must be getting old…

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