Friday, October 11, 2013

Email "Watch It" 

Today’s Tip - Watch Your Email.



Even if you get an email from one of your regular friends, check it out carefully before you open it.



People click on things with little care or thought, and when they do their email address can be compromised or taken over.



Often when that happens people in their address book will begin receiving odd to outlandish emails.



Unusual Requests – Send or Check


It may be an usual request for money because they have had an incident far away and need cash immediately. "Please send $1300."



Or it could be "Check out this fabulous link immediately."



In the last few weeks I have seen an increase in these sort of emails, all from regular friends I know.



Watch For:



If you get emails from a friend that seem unusual in some way, contact them in some other way to see if they really sent it before opening it.



Check with some of your other friends to see if they also received a similar email.





When going through your email, especially when you get a lot of them, take the time to scrutinize them carefully before opening. Look at the Subject line, the Sender, see if there is anything unusual.



If you decide to open the email, don’t stop looking.  Watch where the link is taking you. In most email programs it shows up on the bottom status bar as you hover the mouse over the link. If you have any suspicions, don't click any links.



In fact be careful clicking on any links, you know the story. 

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