Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Readin’ Email 

I get a lot of junk mail. Usually it gets bulk deleted. But sometimes first thoughts pop into mind as I hit that ‘D’ key. Subjects go like this…


Premium anti-aging supplement from Marine Essentials - Dr. Conners

I’m gettin’ up there so I made need some of this. Wonder what it is? Whale tail? Pollywog water? Waterpuss extract? Comes from marine.



We have found a great car price for you g.... - Auto Price Finder

I wasn’t aware I was for sale, but its good to know I am going for a good price. And camouflaged as a car – what more could I ask for?



Protect pet and wallet with pet health insurance - Pet Insurance

I know some people get pet insurance now days. Can’t figure for the life of me how pet insurance is going to protect my wallet. And my pet doesn’t have a wallet, sooo…



Flame-Retardant Babies - EricA., Care2 Action Alerts

This is just plain wrong. Who is testing to see if they are flame-retardant?  And whose babies are we using?



Blowout savings on all 2013 vehicles - Auto-PriceFinder

Okay I don’t get it. First of all who wants a blowout. And if you have one, who in the h*^^ wants to save it. And on a 2013? What are those tires made of?



Drop-dead date is today or lose your $12K housing credit - Steven Oakley

This one is most confusing. If I drop dead today, why do I want a 12K housing credit. Am I reading this right?



Life is about moments - this is one of them - Derrick Tillman

You’re right on this one. I always enjoy my ‘delete’ moments.



howdie – Hilda

Howdy yourself babe!



This Is Not An Email From 2006 – Digg

I think I figured that out since I didn’t even have this computer in 2006. How’s the timer on your end.



A bath and massage all in one - Walkin Tubs

Always save the best for last. Walkin Tubs! Something like the “Hidden Driveway” sign. How will I ever find it?

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