Sunday, November 03, 2013

Seat Belt Cutter 

Heard a story today where a mother thought her van was on fire and ran for help, leaving two kids in the vehicle.




That’s bad enough, but when two people returned to the van, they had difficulty getting the car seat belts unfastened to get the kids out.




Fortunately in this case there was no serious fire, only an electrical problem. But there could have been. This brought forth comments of how difficult and how long it sometimes takes to get kids out of their car seats.




There is a very simple device available at most automotive accessory stores and online at such places as eBay, called a “seat belt cutter.”




Some provide additional features for escaping from submerged vehicles, etc. and come with mounting brackets that keep them readily available. In any case the cost is minimal.







   They vary in style and size, but look similar to this one.







Every driver, especially with kids should have one of these in their glove compartment for emergencies.





They cut seat belt straps and car seat straps in seconds. Sure, you ruin the seat belt, but in an emergency, could save a life.

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