Saturday, November 30, 2013

Trip - Where's My Purse 

28 November 2013 – Just past Florence, SC



Dealing with ice, freezing rain, snow and rain during high wind, with heavier than normal traffic is exciting enough, right?




×  Exciting You Say, More Like Terrifying  ×



What could be more exciting?



When you hear your lady's magical exclamation: "Where's my purse?  I can't find my purse!!"



A pull off at the nearest Interstate exit for a more thorough search and you realize your last food and fuel stop was 75 miles back.



¿  Two Steps Forward, A Dozen Back  ¿



As you retrace the miles back you are thinking of the credit cards, other important personal items, the cash, spare keys and cell phone, all gone, maybe forever.



You watch the "go back" miles tick off one by one. It seems like it takes four hours to go 75 miles.



You think of what would be the best procedure for contacting should it not be there.



You almost convince yourself it won't be there. Chances these days are pretty slim so you think.



←  Well We’re Here  →


The exit finally shows up, and there it is, the place where you refuelled the van, and dashed inside to the built-in MacDonalds.



The knot in your throat almost gets the best of you.



Right away you see the lady who brought the fries to your table over an hour ago.



?  Did You Happen To  Find  ?



My lady says: "We were here awhile ago, and I left my purse behind. Is there any chance someone turned it in?"



"Yes Ma'am, I found it myself, it's in the office. Don't worry it's in the office, we'll get it for you. I knew it was yours so I put it away right away."



The purse was returned with everything intact, everything. No one knows tears of joy until you have gone through something like that.


♫  Success  ♫



A successful ending to say the least.



We were more than happy to give this lady a small reward for her thoughtfulness.



It is so nice to know there are caring honest people in the world. In fact all the staff seemed to work as a happy team and also shared our joy of her getting her purse back.




♥  A Name To Remember  ♥



Giving our thanks hardly seems enough. The name of this establishment is: Corner Pantry 153  McDonalds in Florence, South Carolina, located at 3805 W. Palmetto St.



Thank you!  We are proud to say you allowed our trip to be a continued success.

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