Friday, November 01, 2013

Web Cam Woe 

You know how it gets dark earlier now, and computing away you don't realize it because the glow of the screen is enough.



Picture a video Skype call coming in. It is answered and you hear: "My camera's not working, how come my camera is not working?"



Cam00001So the resident computer gruru jumps up to the rescue. Unplug & re-plug the camera's USB connection.



Go to tools options video, confirm settings are right. It says all is good, and the camera is working.



But its not. No picture.



Oh well, on with the call. Will fix the dang thing later.



Just after the call is completed, the solution is found.



Sitting in the dark cameras rarely work. They need a little light.



Is this a sign of getting old or what?

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