Friday, December 06, 2013

Canada Exists 

Staying in Florida for this and past winters with other snowbirds, certain things are noticeable.



For example, Canada is rarely mentioned. Unless it becomes colder than normal, then its "the cold air moving in from Canada."



When TV stations give the weather from the blue screen weather map, quite often, Canada is, just black nothingness, as if it didn't exist.



This year things are different.



On arrival the very first time I flipped on the TV, there we were.



A lady in Canada won fifty million and didn't know it. She didn't even know she bought a ticket, but they tracked her down.   ???   That would be Canada.



That was low key stuff though.  On several channels, several times, there was something else Canadian. Even the comedian shows had Canadian content.



Thanks Rob Ford. You put us on the map!          smileyCdnflag

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