Sunday, December 15, 2013

Here We Are At 6 a.m. 

Up at 6 a.m. On the road at 7 -



To a sale 40 miles away.



I just can't believe I’m involved in this.



Here's the official description from one of the participants:

“Well here it is 6:00 am. I am up only because we are leaving at 7:00 to go shopping in Destin and have to be there for 8:00 when they open. Most things are on sale at 40 and 60 percent off and this morning are on for another 25 percent off your whole cart ...”



Save?   Sale?



Let me look at this.    Wonder



We are going to a store to buy stuff (on sale) that we otherwise wouldn't have bought.



Who is the winner here?



"that we otherwise wouldn't have bought"



Seems to me I am fully justified in asking, "Show it to me."



Lay that money down that you saved, I wanna see it.



Around here you don't have to go to the movies for entertainment.



Actually it was a good shopping trip. Back before noon. They got some real bargains. And my Facebook pages says I checked in at Hooters - no explanation necessary. Eye rolling smile

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