Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pepper Grinders 

You know the things I mean, those little bottles of peppercorn that you twist  and twist to get pepper out. Or you can splurge and buy expensive looking twisters that you pour the peppercorn in to, and then twist your heart out trying to get pepper on your food.



Whether it is good for you or not, I like pepper, quite often lots of it.



Whether I go to a restaurant or a friend's place, what do they have? These stupid twister pepper things that you twist and twist, shake and twist and you eventually get a couple grains of pepper.



Then most often I give up in frustration.






What's wrong with the good old fashioned pepper shaker that you put coarse or fine pepper in and give it a shake.




Heck I don't even care if you have one of those rectangular cans with the built in holes.



You can still get the pepper out in short order.






Especially if you mistakenly open the big hole instead of the little ones.





They look good, work good, and the pepper tastes good.





Not so with those twisty kind that you twist to the right, twist to the left, shake shake shake it all night, twist again to the left, then to the right, okay now it looks alright, -  and a few specks of pepper appear - on the table next to your plate.



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