Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Three Inches Short 

When you go to a place for four months you take a lot of stuff. Not only do you have every day living to take care of, you have Christmas to decorate for.



Yes they do trim and fancy up palm trees.



Those fancy fibre optic angels we brought - how come the cords are three inches short?




What's with the Christmas tree? How come the cord stops three inches from the outlet?



I think I figured out why they invented battery operated candles.



How come the LED wreath isn't glowing brightly? I'll tell you why. The dang cord is three inches short.



When you pack for a long trip you are always afraid you will forget something.



Heck I even made a spreadsheet check list to be sure everything needed is accounted for.



Guess what’s not on that spreadsheet? Guess what we forgot?



Extension cords!



Last year we purchased half a dozen extension cords because we didn’t have any with us.



We just did that again.



Might be a yard sale when we get back to NS. Hello Kijiji!




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