Sunday, January 05, 2014

Flight Fun 


Come Visit


Yesterday was a flight fun day. Relatives flew in for a visit to Ft. Walton, Florida and we were to meet them on arrival.


No problem, program the GPS for Ft. Walton Beach Airport, (we hadn't been there before) and off we go  - easy right?


Well no, after driving past several military & another small airfield we realized we must be past it. 10 miles past it.




Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been


So into a local business parking lot. While I was fiddling with the GPS in not so kind words, the other half of this group of two asked a local person how to get to Ft. Walton airport.


"You missed it," we were told, "Go back quite a ways to Crestview, etc. etc."


In the meantime I am checking the POI on the GPS and sure enough there is a Ft. Walton Beach airport, and one called Northwest Florida Regional Airport.


In fact there were a couple of others with a similar name.


Not only that the local airport where we stay in Panama City Beach is called, Northwest Florida Beaches Airport.


What's with this part of Florida calling all their airports Northwest Florida? True that's the location, and maybe easy for locals to figure out. But those of us from away will take awhile to learn, since the whole Gulf area is Northwest Florida beaches.




Oh There It Is


Anyway we get to Northwest Florida Regional Airport, just outside of Ft.Walton and greet our visitors.


Finally everything is back to normal.


Except they showed up, and their baggage didn't.


A circle goes 'round and has no ends.

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