Thursday, January 02, 2014

Interesting Email Titles 

My email filters still miss some features, but not for long.


Here’s some of the latest arrivals over the holidays.



Life is short. Have an affair. - Ashley Madison Agent

Well if your life isn’t short it could be after following this advice. Then again the other half of the experience could have shortened existence. Or both. This could have implications.



Demand Protection for Canadian Police Dogs - Kathleen J., Care2 Action Alerts

OK where can I get Detective dog? “Investigator Rover, come here boy.”  Maybe stealth handler should be called.



Your spot will be given away if we do not hear from you - Charles Ludwig

I guess my spot is gone because I didn’t reply. I didn’t know where the spot was anyway, was it on me?




A simple mist you spray in your mouth causes rapid fat loss – William

I’ve heard of a fat lip, but not a fat mouth. Anyway if you had one, and you used too much spray would your teeth look funny if they were larger than your mouth?




Combo of products when put on face reverses the aging process - Jennifer Aviles

Now this one is best of all, cause I wanna know - - - if you put this on other parts, does it reverse the aging process as well.

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