Monday, February 17, 2014

Tell All Headlines 

I’ve mentioned before I scan the main news items daily, both for my home area and where I am now.


And since I tend to speed read, sometimes the meaning gets twisted.


For example, try these:




From Florida:  A flash flood watch means conditions may develop that lead to flash flooding.

That tells it all. Like saying when the wind blows and it rains, the wind blows and it rains.


From New Brunswick: Icy roads cause crashes in N.B.

Pretty advanced that New Brunswick. They have moving roads. Those roads just tip and let the cars slide right off. For the rest of us its bad drivers that cause crashes.


From in-between: 5 people in the car, including the driver. (Accompanied by a crash picture.)


I would assume that a picture of a crash happening on the highway where the car was obviously moving would include the driver. Then again, Google is talking of driverless cars. I guess in that case the driver wouldn’t be included.




Spell checkers can’t spell check very well, proof readers can’t read very well – I think we are already experiencing “the internet of things.”



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