Thursday, March 06, 2014

Restroom Soap 

You find them in your home and public restrooms. Those little jugs that sit on the counter or are mounted on the wall and have a plastic bag of goop inside, that is supposed to shoot out just the right amount of soap for washing your hands.




I think they are alive.




How else would they know how to shoot their slimy contents where they do?




You know what I mean. First you try to find the button, press it, nothing happens. Try it again and the goop ends up on the counter. Adjust hand position and it splashes to the floor.




Try again, and you've got the end of the sink. Okay, got it now, and you suddenly have this goober on your sleeve.




One final try as you whomp that button.




Bingo! Perfect spot to the front and center of your pants.




I didn't want to wash my hands anyway!

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