Saturday, March 22, 2014

Safe To Return Home 

Time is near for us to make the long journey back home after spending the winter where it was supposed to be warm.



But is it safe?



I've been reading about my home area every day to keep up to date.



It looks pretty dangerous.



What is going on?



At least every day there has been a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle.



Then it went to two a day.



And if that wasn't bad enough, a couple days ago it went up to three in one day.



How safe is that? What is going on?   drive3



The majority of these pedestrian / vehicle collisions happen when the driver is turning. Doesn't anyone look anymore before turning?



If they can see those tiny letters to text while driving they should be able to see something as large as a pedestrian.



I guess I'll be safe if I am driving. No walking for me though after I get home - unless its way out in the country - where there are few turns, and few vehicles.

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