Saturday, March 15, 2014

Where Is It? 

Here’s what I’ve got out of a prime news channel for over the past five days. The crisis where a plane disappeared. With news like this it must be pure torture for those that have loved ones on board.



It Went That Way

It was proceeding in this direction. Then it went that way. No it went this way. Then it turned and must have gone that way.


Breaking news: New information says it went for 5 hrs. this way.


Breaking news again: Just in, satellite information indicates it went that way, possibly for 7 hrs., but it only had fuel for 5.



Someone Was Flying It

Some of the crew had a simulator in their home. They weren’t there, so they must have been flying the plane.


The auto-pilot was disabled, so someone had to be flying it. Was the auto-pilot disabling the transponder, no it can’t.


Did it land somewhere? It only had fuel for 5 hrs., so its not flying.


It changed altitude at least three times. The auto-pilot can’t do that, so someone must have been flying it.





Lets sit in this simulator and pretend we are flying.  Here’s how to turn the transponder off. (Good information in case someone in the future would like to know.)


Now we are descending so fast the airplane would be flying apart, pieces falling off it.


That proves what happened couldn’t happen. But the data says it did. We need to verify that data.


I don’t believe it. (Then why is it being broadcast world wide?)




Here’s Brand New Information Just In

Repeat the above ten or more times, with experts from here and afar.




Not Funny

This post may first have appeared like I am trying to make fun of a current crisis situation. That is not my intention.


Every so often I put myself in the shoes of those who are wondering about their family or friends who began a journey on that airplane.


There would be enough despair just waiting and wondering all that time, with not a single answer yet available.



Question: Do we really need media like this, guessing, making up possible scenarios, discussing what is not factual?



Whatever happened to accurate news reporting?  The families deserve better!

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