Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Destination Denny’s Diner 

(This is a continuing excerpt from our notes during a trip from Florida to Nova Scotia)



When you have to spend an extra day in Bangor due to stormy weather up ahead, and its not so bad where you are, what do you do? Shop of course. Well at least half of this party of two shops.



So after visiting a couple of malls a fair distance from our hotel, the empty belly feeling requested one more stop.



We decided to have lunch at Denny’s, a restaurant chain we were familiar with, and one we had seen off to the side on our way to the first mall.



Even though you can see the tall "Denny's" sign from a distance away, the actual feat of getting to it are somewhat confusing for someone not from the area. Away we go, we can see the Denny's sign plainly on our left, not too far away. A street  just a short distance down will take us in that direction, its a left just across the I-95.



Even the GPS says its so!




DennyWrongRampOh no, not again, here we go! Down the ramp, around the curve, straight on to the I-95 - northbound. Didn't we do that yesterday? So this time the next interchange is a little over 5 miles away. Same routine, up the ramp, across, and down the ramp to southbound back towards Denny's.




Up the ramp again, left turn towards Denny's in the left hand lane because Denny's is on the left. Pass that dang ramp entrance and take the next left. Ahhh this looks like it. Even the map bitch changed her arrow placement.







The road to it is full of huge pot holes from the rough winter, like the size of those sink holes you see on TV. Finally there it is up the little hill on the left.





On arrival it was kind of a unique looking place, having the appearance of a 1950's cafe Fonzie style. It had 1950 style pot holes in the driveway too, the size of a Farmall tractor Very authentic.




Happy to be there after so much looking and manoeuvring, we get to park right by the door. It took awhile, but we got here. Not too busy, only a few cars.






As I open the van door, I see the two small 12" x 10" greeting signs on their door - that read: "Closed for Training."





Its been that kind of day - again!




No problem, we finally got to eat at Tim Horton's near our hotel. Reliable, good sandwiches, good coffee, good employees and no ramps.

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