Monday, April 21, 2014

Don’t Tell Me What To Do 

Get Your Coupons

A lot of us like and use coupons to help reduce prices, right? You get them in the mail, off the shelf and online.



I get some by email sometimes. You know the routine, click here to get your coupons and print them out.




   And that is what it says here.


(Click pictures for larger)



But when I do, this is the message I get.





  So they are going to tell me what browser to use if I want their coupon.




Don’t Tell Me What To Do!



If You Plan To Read Your PDF Document

I have had this one appear several times from various sources lately.





  This is absolutely not true. If you are using Chrome browser, you already have a built in PDF reader.

Foxit Reader is also excellent for reading PDF files.




There are others such as Sumatra, Nitro,PDF-XChange Viewer and so on. But some places try to make you think otherwise.



Don’t Tell Me What To Do!



Same as when you are downloading things, take the time to read everything very carefully. And don’t believe everything you see at first. Take the time to do a little research for the truth.


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