Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Halifax new name Questionable Logo 

I see we are said to have a new name (?) and logo for the place where we live. Halifax Regional Municipality will be called plain old Halifax. Well not plain old.



Never mind the expense, we throw money around and talk balanced budget all the time. Never mind that some people who live in Bedford, Dartmouth and rural areas don't consider Halifax the place where they live.





Just consider that stupid logo.



Not long ago I read our kids can no longer read or spell right. When our leaders spell Halifax with two upside down 'V's, that helps.






It kind of reminds me of the younger generations texting language.



Then again a lot of things promised these days are incomplete and never finished, so A's without the cross bars fit perfectly.



Speaking of which – how do we print it – those upside down V’s aren’t on my keyboard.



One thing, with the dis-coloured blue pattern we will never be able to tell when the new signs are worn out.



Anyway, according to Google, Halifax is in the United Kingdom, or Florida, or somewhere...

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