Sunday, April 13, 2014

Who’s That? I Don’t Remember That Picture 

A few days after our arrival back home we boot up the laptops to have a look at some of the pictures gathered over the last four months of adventure down south.



Sort Out The Masterpieces

This is usually an adventure of sorts as one decides which pictures are masterpieces and which ones  rate the ‘Del’ key. And it always seems few get deleted, for those are memories you can never get again.



After awhile it gets mind-boggling as you realize just how many pictures you have collected.



I Don’t Remember

“Who’s that? What’s that picture? I don’t remember seeing that picture before,” she says.



From a distance I see a picture on her laptop screen that looks like the two of us in a way. “I think that’s us,” I offer.



“It is,” she says, “but I don’t remember it.”



Move Just Move

I move in for a closer look. Ah, that’s the key, move in for a closer look. All of a sudden I appear larger in the picture than before.



“That is us,” I say, “You’ve got the web cam on!”



Well we were both fooled for an instant. At least we recognized who it was. Didn’t I tell you it was mind-boggling.

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