Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Free Programs Are Not Truly Free 

Most of us use free programs. One of the best free encryption programs, Truecrypt, became the topic of discussion for many recently.



I use other free programs that I think are second to none. Faststone Viewer & FreeCommander come to mind.



Are these and like programs free? Sure you download them at no cost. Often donations are asked for or suggested, if you like the program.



Think about it. It takes a lot of time and expertise to develop and maintain these "free" programs. Most are updated regularly.



Would you do that with your time and equipment?



I can say yes because I constantly assist folks with their computer problems at no cost. But that doesn't help programmers pay for their development of software.



I've donated to a few programs in the past, probably not enough.



Think about it - many of the "free" programs we use are as good as or better than any commercial version.



If we all gave just $5. (more if possible) it might help keep them going.



Something we hardly ever think about. But we should.

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