Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Restricted Free Living 

In this part of the world we live pretty good right? Often taking things for granted. It’s the little things that count.


How often have you heard that?



What light bulbs to use.

But then we are told we can’t use incandescent light bulbs anymore, have to use those swirly compact florescent ones, even though LED bulbs are better, but cost ten times as much.



What you can take for lunch.

We are told what we can’t take for lunch, because someone may have a reaction to nuts. So there goes peanut butter.



Kind of trash bags to use.

Can’t pick our own trash bags. We are told to use paper bags, black bags, blue bags, clear bags, grocery bags and no bags.



What you can spray on your lawn.

Can’t spray our lawns with what we want to control weeds, “dan-dillions”, or make it grow green.



No Doorknobs.

Now we are being told in our province round door knobs can no longer be used. Only levers are permitted.



You must have snow tires.

Some provinces insist you must have snow tires, whether you drive in snow or bad weather or not.



Can't put green stuff in the green bin.

Now our area is proposing you can’t put green stuff in the green bin, like grass, and other garden products.


Now if they would only outlaw tornadoes and hurricanes . . . 

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