Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Leave The Phone Alone 

You can see by the logo over on the right that I have pledged to leave the phone alone while driving.


I truly intend to follow that. In fact I have never used the phone while driving to any extent.


I have a hands free device, but figure any call can wait until I am stopped, important or not. So that hasn’t been used since I don’t know when.


Or a passenger can do phone duty, when there is one. I’ll stick to driving duty.


If You Say It Do It


What really gets me is the number of people saying things like, “People are always on those stupid phones when they are driving,” “What’s wrong with those people,” “I never use the phone when I drive,” and all those things people say when the topic comes up.


Yet some time later I see these very same people driving, backing and stopping in traffic, with one hand on the wheel and the other stuck to their ear.


Those very same people that said, “I never use the phone when I drive.” anim_question


Only A Minute


If you mention that you noticed they were using the phone while driving, they say, “I was only on it for a minute.”


Measured in minutes – or seconds


Yeah I guess phone use is measured in minutes. 


Its distracted driving that’s measured in seconds!

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