Friday, July 18, 2014

Power Follow-Up 

How’s that saying go? “Necessity is the mother of invention.”



If you experience a prolonged power failure, here's some ideas. Things you may already know or have read about, but forget when darkness really falls.









Especially when you have to drive to the store or somewhere.



Remember to check the rating. Most built in ones are in the range of 150 watts output. After market ones average 300 watts, but can be larger or smaller.

So know the rating of your converter and the power demand of the device you are going to use.  These small units certainly will not power an electric kettle or any high wattage appliance.



   Just remember these can kill your vehicle battery after prolonged use, if it is not running.


Pretty simple things really, you may know this already. Some may not know, or forget that they did…

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