Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Power of Ignorance 

I always felt people yacking on cell phones in stores, at the check out, in restaurants and other such public places were pretty ignorant.



Power of

I ran across on better. One where you can't possibly be more ignorant.


The scenario - a group of people are sitting in a hospital waiting area, where those waiting had loved ones undergoing medical operations.


A nurse would come out every so often to give everyone a progress update on how their loved ones operation was going.





Among the group was this lady with an iPad, yes you, the blond lady in the green shirt, who decided to video call all her family on the iPad, using the built in mic and speakers.


"Hi Honey, whatcha doing? You could message her. Tell them to put it outside. I see that box is still in the living room. Hi yes I am at the hospital. I don't know. You look sweet. Sure I can see you. Yes that's very nice...."


She continued to talk to half a dozen of her family members.


This kind of bull sh*t went on for 15 minutes. Even when the nurse came around and was trying to give update information on patients. And many couldn't hear what was being said.



Nearly every other person in the group had a tablet, iPad or phone. None had the ignorance of this person.


This hospital has free internet donated by a family.


It is people like the one being described above that gets phones and electronics banned completely in public areas. Its people like that who make those in charge decide, 'we don't want internet here.'





With great pleasure lady, you are awarded a medal!




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