Monday, August 18, 2014

Uninstall the Installed 

I suppose you have heard by now that MS has had some bad luck with some of their updates again. If you have your Windows 7 or 8 machine set to do automatic updates, you probably  have a disaster in waiting if you haven’t experienced it already.


Many have put in the work and research to explain and verify the information, so I will only refer you to their sites, since they have spent the time and effort needed.


One of my favourite newsletter writers Ask Bob has a very good detailed article about it. As mentioned before, this one always has very good timely information. In this case the time to act is now. Or at least check to see if you have the update numbers installed.


There are advisory articles all over the net such as ZDNet who advise much the same. Get them off.


Computer World is another with the information, along with many others.


Seems this is happening too often now days, since many have their setting set on “Automatic update.”  Just shows mistakes are made, and we have to watch both the good and bad stuff.

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