Thursday, November 13, 2014

Yes We Arrived 

In the last post I mentioned we were about to embark on a trip to our southern winter destination. We did, and we arrived.


First Day Awful


Departing Moncton was about as bad as it could get. I know snow removal. New Brunswick’s roads from Moncton to the Houlton border were terrible.  Seems they poured lots of salt on the road without removing the fallen snow first.


That resulted in ice at times a foot thick, with ice-potholes as deep everywhere. Attempts to plow it off after the salt resulted in ridges that wanted to guide you 90 degrees to where you wanted to go every few minutes.  Eye rolling smile


So much for leaving a month early to avoid winter with its snow and ice.


Thankfully we were in the Westbound lanes as the Eastbound lanes in one place were backed up with 18 wheelers that couldn’t make the hills without the assistance of a tow truck. They were lined up for about seven miles.


Second Day Awful In A Different Way


We managed to spend the night slightly further south out of the snow belt. But the next day’s traffic was the worst ever. Construction projects were often the cause, but in most cases the plain high volume of vehicles made things super frustrating due to the fact you have to watch every move every second.


In one spot near Hartford it took us 45 minutes to go just a couple miles. Construction related, but when the construction project is miles long, it really bunches up traffic for hours to come.


I do have to say one thing. In all that bad weather driving and later the heavy traffic, there were no ‘idiot’ bad drivers. Most all drivers were being safe and considerate. If I had to pick a common fault, it would be, “what happened to signal lights?”  Punk


Hello 95


Working our way around the New York – Washington area, the next two days took us on the I-95. Despite all the stories heard about how bad the I-95 traffic is, our next two days of driving to Orlando was a breeze. Weather was good, and most of the time traffic was light and moving well.




Our trip took a day longer than usual. But we got to La Casa Del Sol, our destination to be for the next few months.


So far our expectations have been exceeded in all regards, making that rough-start journey worth the experience.  Rolling on the floor laughing


It took the last few days to get settled, and by the looks of things we will have lots of subject matter for future posts in pictures and print.

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