Sunday, December 14, 2014

Can You Tell Me What’s Going On 

I was told when I retire its great to go to Florida for the winter. Its warmer. No snow. Sunny all the time.


It might not be working.






   See that white stuff on the roof in the picture?





That’s not flour. That’s not angel dust. Its frost!






  In fact, look all the way down the street. Its on nearly every roof. Heck, take a look at that van.




A little frosty looking isn’t it? My home territory of Nova Scotia was warmer than here near Davenport Florida the last two mornings.



But not to worry – I’m kidding. Yes that’s frost, but we are still out in shirt sleeves with no jacket needed by 10 a.m.



I’m kinda wondering if Santa’s sleight has wheels like roller blades do though . . .

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