Thursday, December 04, 2014


Rambling is a good description because we are enjoying our winter visit to Florida. The weather is good, and as mentioned before, being busy setting up in a new place is interesting, tiresome and fun all rolled into one.


Flea Markets


Flea markets are always fun. Aren’t they? We have been to three so far. Auburndale was the first one, quite large, with the usual stuff flea markets seem to have.


Days later a visit to Sunshine Flea Market in Lake Wales. Not quite as large, but more of the stuff we were interested in. Dare I say we made two trips to this one. Don’t get everything the first trip if you can make two.


This was followed to one of the largest flea markets ever, located in Webster, Florida. We had been here years before, where we had to travel five hours to get to it. Now its only an hour away. This market is the best and is only open on Mondays. They advertise they have 35 acres of displayed products. You’ve heard that saying, “There’s no place like this place anywhere near this place, so this must be the place.”


When it comes to flea markets nothing is more true than that.


Check the news from home online


All the while one has to check on things back at the home front. This is done by online news, highway cams, weather checks, and of course those old standbys, messages from friends via email, Twitter and Facebook.


Whether by tablet, computer or smart phone, everyone always needs to know what is going on back at the home front.


Facebook Needs . . .


So I’ll end this entry with a discovery I made while checking, or should I say trying to check on some of the going’s on back at the home turf.


The discovery I made, and I sincerely believe, that with all its bells and silent whistles, Facebook needs - - - -             ------           - - - -       a dog filter!

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