Saturday, February 21, 2015

Busy Excuse 

I mentioned before we changed to a new and different location for our winter home. This presented a lot of new challenges and time to get used to new things and new opportunities.

The fact is, our new location turned out to be so good in every way that one can stay busy every day seven days a week. And in fact that is exactly what has happened, resulting in a neglected blog.

That doesn’t mean a lack of subject matter. In fact there is a lot more. For example:




The Case of the Missing Remote

We’ve all lost our TV remote at one time or another. Under the cushion, in the other room, or even in the bathroom could be some of the ‘found’ locations.



We had an incident not long ago where the TV suddenly got extremely loud – you know, as those blasting advertisements suddenly come through with triple the volume as the main program.



“Where’s the remote?” “What did you do with the remote?” “Where did you put the remote?” “Well it didn’t just disappear!” – were some of the comments as the search frantically involved all the cushions, the tables, every visible spot, and some invisible ones I think.



By now the offending advertisements are over, with the missing remote still missing.



And then - - -  






   (Can you make calls on that thing? What’s it doing on the telephone stand? Is it charging? Agghhhhh……!)






Temperature Here Same As There


One thing that became confusing, we came south to be warm and avoid the cold of winter. My morning routine is to grab a coffee, sit at the computer and check the highway cams and weather reports both here and back home.



One morning it was 20 deg. here, and 20 deg. back at home.



Another  time 10 deg. here, back home 10 deg. also.



How can that be? And of course we are talking Celsius since back home is in Canada.



The temperatures were the same on a lot of days!



Oh I forgot. They put that silly little minus sign in front of the ‘back home’ temperatures.



And did I mention everything is green here, and sort of a bright white at the home front?



So maybe finding a lost remote is easier than shovelling out a car that you hope is yours.

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