Saturday, February 28, 2015

Neighbours & Things 


Our new place has wonderful neighbours. The human kind, and . . .


Big Bird Is In Town



These guys drop by every few days. They stroll along the street with not a care in the world at a leisurely pace that is almost slow motion.


They always come in three’s – except for the last few weeks. We thought one may have come to some less desirable experience.


Then someone discovered a little one in a nearby pond. Guess Mom has been too busy for the weekly stroll.


Is That The Wind Moving That Tree?




Look closely and you will see another neighbour half way up that tree, bushy tail and jaws full of nuts.


These guys usually travel in two’s, and are like kids playing and chasing each other all day long.



Look Up Look Way Up





There’s lots of these colour changing fella’s around. Some don’t care for them, but they eat all the bugs and insects.

Haven’t seen one walk on its back legs like the green one on TV though.



As Big As It Looks





No idea what this is. Only seen two. When I flicked it off the screen, it kind of glided to the ground in about 20ft. or so, like its too heavy to fly.





So you see, there is fascination all around us here. Along with the normal human social things that are in abundance, there are many other neighbours that provide entertainment daily.




Speaking of entertainment, we saw this along one of the local streets:




The sign says $20.


Can’t help wondering – is that to buy it – or use it?



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