Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Our Wish To Each Of You 

Its time to wish everyone Merry Christmas. A time of year that means many things to people. We all know the 'Reason For The Season' and even though things have gotten pretty commercial these days, its a time for most of us to think about our families and our friends everywhere.

Don't forget too to consider those less fortunate than ourselves in any way you can.

Its a fun time too, with that Santa guy, parties and other good times. And there's another guy almost as popular as the bearded red suit fellow. Elf on a shelf, or wherever you happen to find him.

Decorations abound all across the countries with the Christmas tree being one of the most common.

Those trees get loaded with ornaments, tinsel and lights as a symbol of
You know, the fuzzy dogs, rabbits, snowmen, even a squirrel and yes a sock monkey.

We are very fortunate to be in Florida for Christmas and the winter season.

Having grown up on a farm, it was a pleasure to have a cow ornament. Who knew?

Florida is known to have alligators lurking about in certain places. Not once did I ever consider they would be hanging out in the everglades of Christmas trees - but they are!

Out of the many varieties of things going on, during this festive season, it is our desire to wish each of you a very special  

  Merry Christmas!


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