Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Relocating the Re-location 

Location Location Location

RoseGarden has been pretty much dormant since February 2015. No its not going away, and no it wasn't truly intentional. They say you lose all your readers if you are not consistent. Well I was consistent, I wasn't here consistently. 

That should change.

Truth is the title of this post is correct. Behind the scenes the activity was to close our city location and relocate to a quiet village in the country about 100 miles away. That was well under way and the process had begun in earnest. 

Then - - - a reassessment took place. Do we really want to be out in the country? Or is it better to be  close to the city in a suburban setting? 

After all the pros and cons, the city location won out. So the stuff we moved to the country had to come back. Then renovations had to be completed to provide additional amenities.



These renovations became long and drawn out for various reasons, and took a lot longer than we could ever imagine. In fact, some have to be redone which will be continued in the spring.


Birds Go South (Snowbirds that is…)

Time and Tide waits for no one! Next thing we knew it was time for our annual trek south to avoid winter. Preparations and the journey took place quickly, which is where we are situated now.

To say we have had busy times wouldn't even cover a tenth of it. 

That is hard for you to understand. What matters is that RoseGarden will continue. And even though I said it before, I will do my best to be here more often on a regular basis. Regular will mean about once a week for awhile, then possibly increasing in frequency once we are fully relocated at the original location.


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