Friday, January 08, 2016

I Wonder . . . 

Ballroom Dancing

I mentioned that I completed my very first ballroom dancing lesson yesterday. I ran a DJ company part time for years, yet never knew how to dance. So this is my first attempt at dancing since high school, and that was longer than I care to  explain.

What I liked about the first ballroom dancing lesson is that the instructor emphasized “the man is always in charge!”

I wonder how long that will last?

Click & Like

Certain people hear constantly that if you click and like or watch and comment on certain posted things that appear over and over again year after year on that popular social media, certain things may happen.

Such as, you might share more personal information, you might receive more unwanted material, you might get potentially unwanted programs, you might notice your computer slows down, and then . . .

I wonder how that happened?

Don't Scroll 

Not to mention those supposedly sad pictures of animals and people at their worst where you are not allowed to scroll or click away until you type Amen!

I wonder how that works, the picture came back from last year?

Post This On Your Status

And - Just to prove a point. Just for one hour. Or even 5 minutes. I know who will. 

I wonder if you know who won't?


I wonder why I check the highway cameras back home every morning while having my first coffee?

Its more entertaining then all of the above. 

Well except for the Ballroom Dancing. Its nice to be in charge - although I forgot to mention the instructor did say, "on the dance floor!"


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