Monday, July 25, 2016

A Lot Has Happened 

No RoseGarden hasn’t disappeared!

Even though regular updates were promised more than a couple times, things didn’t work out as planned.



Lets Try This Again

So we will do our best to get back on track and see if things will work out better this time.



Some Things That Happened

* Our facilities were moved to a different location – then moved back again to our original location.

* The ballroom dancing – hmmm…I prefer to call it toe-stepping. The success rate on a scale of 1 to 10 isn’t on that scale.

* Got married!

* Technical difficulties were caused by number 1 above. None were caused by number 3.

* The number of projects undertaken behind the scenes not related to these sites exceeded the capacity of level headiness.



Foreseeable Prediction

- RoseGarden will get back on track again, posting weekly at first, perhaps increasing in frequency in time.

- Content will continue similar to before, with some new additions later on.

- Our opinions have multiplied with everything that is going on, but we will  try to stay humourous.

- Computer and internet related tips will be presented from time to time.

So with that little explanation we hope you can read between the lines and understand our unfavourable explanation.

Most of all we hope that you are able to return and stick with us as we get RoseGarden back on track.


The goal of all our sites is to provide good reliable information or links to it, to make computing, electronics, gadgets and other technology an enjoyable & fun part of your everyday life, in simple terms, easy for new users and experienced to understand.


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