Thursday, September 01, 2016

Slowly I’m Getting Educated 


Some of us are getting up there in years, and one of our friends has a saying, “Every Day Is A School Day!”

The past couple of weeks I am beginning to understand what that really means.



When A Contractor Says A Job Will Be Completed In Three Days

Really means three weeks or so.

Failed to tell me there is a week in between each of those days.



Meteorological Seasons

This would make the wheel of a semi roll over.

Meteorological Fall – Meteorological Summer,  wwhhhhhaaaaaattt?  Whatszat?

Discussed on TV news. Discussed on TV weather shows.

The world must be slowing down and I missed it when this makes prime time!

So do we have four seasons – or – eight?



Times Running Out

Only sensible thing I found this week.

Article said to get on with it and do what you want to do now before its too late.

The years go by fast before you know it.



Now don’t tell me the lifetime warranty is shortened too!

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