Thursday, January 10, 2019

Reasons Not To Share 

There’s many posts telling you not to click this, not to share that, don’t forward, – but you do. Its harmless right? Maybe not.

Here’s an exercise for you.

Just Friends

Click on any friend’s picture on your friends list.

Now on their friend’s list click on any picture of their friends, someone you don’t know.


You now have the profile of a complete stranger whom you do not know, correct?

- right there you have a picture of them, and most likely a list of things about them. Where they went to school, hometown,  where they’ve lived, the place where they live now, where they work, courses they have taken, groups they belong to . . .

- and if they are really forgiving, their birthday, their phone number . . .


Click ‘about’ and you will probably find out a lot more details of their likes, where they’ve been, places they enjoy, activities they participate in and so on.


Now go back and click on ‘photos’. This is the real gem. You are about to click through the photos of a complete stranger.

- well there’s the husband (or wife) they’re married or have a partner.

- oh look they have kids. Look the little one’s birthday. Nice big tv in the background, expensive lamps, is that jewelry on the end table?

- oh they renovated their kitchen. They’ve got that fancy new doorbell with a camera.

- they like to vacation south every year. In February it seems.

- oh look nice yard, nice home. Zoom in we can get the street sign & the number. Online maps would tell us where it is.

- hey they just bought a brand new truck with all the goodies. Lisc.# and all. It has a trailer hitch so they probably have an RV.

- now that’s the nicest back yard furniture I have ever seen, BBQ isn’t bad either.

And so it goes. And we haven’t even read one post yet. Just looked at a profile and pictures.


If we looked at the posts we could probably add:

- went to the grocery store at 8, got back at 10:30

- visited Martha on the way back. We are going for coffee tomorrow at nine.

- teacher meeting Wednesday.

- the order from Zingalong should be here Friday.

- car appointment is booked for Sat.

Time To Think

And so it goes. See how much information, (Some could consider them opportunities.), we can gather about a complete stranger. And there are hundreds of them on there.

True some of this is available by just being there.

However when you share, click, post and so on, it helps expand the list. It doesn’t go to just one person, friends, friends of friends, friends of friends friends, well you get the picture.

Do you really want that?   Maybe you would choose to share less – about yourself - and others – or maybe not.

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