Saturday, January 05, 2019


How Often Will This Blog Be Updated

With our new beginning I have been asked how often RoseGarden will be published or updated. Initially once or twice a week until we get back to a normal routine of sorts. A notice appears on Facebook & Twitter anytime an update to RoseGarden occurs.


As a bit of a computer gruru over the years I have attempted to stay in touch with the latest technology. I think I am doing okay.

Smart Phone

I have a ‘smart phone’ that is pretty cool.

You make a phone call and it says “Press 1, for English”  But I can never understand the accent.

A second attempt says “All our agents are busy, Press 3 to leave a message.”  That’s pretty smart. I might get a call back tomorrow. With the old phones I could get connected in about 20 seconds.

Smart TV

Yep, got one of those too. The same news is on every channel repeated all day long on regular channels.

Thank goodness for ‘smart’. I can go to several of the streaming services, watch a movie, or how about a never ending series. A dozen yoga channels. Maybe ‘no longer available’ would be good. Or coming soon to your area, could be interesting.!

I’m thinking the old black & white one channel wonder back in the fifties wasn’t so bad.  Geeze it was fun watching the test pattern.

Smart Home

This is really the fun part of being Smart.

The house lights go on by voice. Or use that Smart Phone.

You can ask that assistant anything and she always has an answer – well almost.

She will tell you about your day, read the news, play some music, spell words and even answer some of the TV commercials.

Say goodnight and out goes all the lights with a pleasant “Sweet Dreams!”

Don’t get on her bad side though. She told me off once. “That is not very polite! GoodBYE!”

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