Friday, February 08, 2019

Me & The Missus – Saturday Nights 

I'm not even from Newfoundland but . . .

There's a regular live show on  Facebook every Saturday evening featuring, who else, but  Me & The  Missus. A husband and wife couple who sing and play usually for a couple hours or more.

Newfoundland, Pop, Country . . .

"Newfie"songs, or Newfoundland songs whichever you prefer, have their own special characteristics which most people like. There are plenty of those.

However Barb & Richard offer all kinds of songs from pop to country and more.

Me & The Missus Have Followers Everywhere

It’s amazing how many regular followers they have in a short time all across Canada, throughout the United States and other parts of the world such as Europe and beyond.

They hail from Cornwall,Ontario but are originally from Ramea, Newfoundland. If you are just hanging around on A Saturday night, and need some entertainment check Facebook, search for Me & The Missus live.

Or if you follow Richard on Facebook you will get a notification when they go live.They usually begin casting around 4:30 pm Eastern time. Although the time can vary sometimes due to their work schedule. (Search for Richard Young, the one with the ‘Talkin’ Tom’logo.)

Computer, iPad, tablet, phone – anywhere you can get Facebook

And if you have Chromecast or a similar device,watch them on the big screen. Video quality and sound are excellent.

Check In, Let Them Know You’re Here

They ask that you check in, let them know you are here via the regular Facebook chat, which is interesting to watch to see where everyone is from. If you have friends you think would like the show, they ask that you share.

A CD is already in the planning stage, and should be available soon. Who knows, maybe this is the latest way to a recording contract.

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    I've known those folks for a year now, and there are no better Newfies anywhere on the face of the earth! Their singing and playing is a treat to listen to and they are so very humble..... God Love Em .... I do!

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