Monday, February 04, 2019

Modern Small Appliances 

I was looking over the names of some of our recent modern home appliances and this thought occurred to me. What would be the thoughts of the people who are not too familiar with our language when first exposed to these appliance names?

I had a person tell me one time English is hard to learn because we have so many words that are spelled similar but mean something different, while others sound the same but mean something different. E.g. read, red.

Instant Pot

- confusing, do you stand in front of the cupboard and say "Ala-Ka-zam!" and suddenly a pot appears on the counter?  What if you want it positioned on the stove instead.

Air Fryer

- they fry air?  Why would they do that?  What kind of a container do they pour it into?

Steam Oven

- does it run on steam?  Or does it produce stream?  Guess they put it in the same container as the fried air.

Toaster Oven

- why would you want to put your Toaster in an oven?  Most certainly can't put your oven in the Toaster.


- Straight out of Florida. Do they have a special pot for those?  Truly amazing, how long a stove do you need?

Multiquick Hand Blender

- this is just plain nasty. Does it blend you hand in with the soup so you can't see it?  Or does it make your hand go faster so you mix the pudding instantly.  Instant pudding, on to something here

Apple Watch

- I assume this is for watching apples.  Watch them do what? What about the oranges?  Is this a security thing?  Shouldn't there be a watch to watch the watch?

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