Saturday, November 09, 2013

Tablet Nightmare 

Remember when we used to go to the bathroom, grab the sales flyers or a magazine to help pass the experience. (No pun intended.)




Times have changed. Now days, just grab your tablet and you have worldwide information at your finger tips. Heck even communication should you so desire.



(I won't comment about someone who attempted a call to someone out in the living room as a joke, and the call ended up going a hundred miles away.)



Trouble is, you sometimes tend to 'sit' longer than usual should you come across an interesting info piece and just have to finish it before you finish.



In fact one time I heard a loud "clang" from the inner room. Just couldn't resist, I had to say, "What's the matter, did the seat stick to your ..." ask me if that isn't just sitting too long.



Might just be a new use for that non-stick spray that used to be used for chicken thighs. 



Or how about non-stick toilet seats? That would really be new technology.

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