Sunday, December 08, 2013

Entertainment Begins – Tomorrow 

The routine here each day is grab a coffee, sit down at the computer to check the news both at home and locally.



And one more thing, check the highway cams to see what the weather is like ‘back home.’




I could see it was cold, but not too cold, and little snow.



First Day At The Beach



FirstBeach131208   Today was our first day at the beach this year. 24 – 25 deg.C. a      breeze blowing, and I was thinking of the contrast that I had been  looking at a few hours ago on those highway cams.






Later in the evening we went to a Christmas show where steel drums were the main attraction. We’ve seen these guys before, one on guitar, one on steel drums and they make it sound like a whole orchestra is backing up their singing.




So I thought that was the start of our winter entertainment.







Then . . .




I heard rumours a shopping trip is in the wind tomorrow.




The entertainment didn’t start today after all.




It really begins tomorrow when the women begin the shopping tour of stores and malls in Destin.



On our return they will say,”I saved a hundred dollars.” “I got it half price.”  “It was 70% off.”




“Look at the money I saved.”




I get the ‘look’ from all of them, when I say,              “Show it to me!”

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