Saturday, October 01, 2011

Facebook Spam 

Spam emails get to me, forward forward forward this, or you'll lose everything you have.  (Including these emails?)


Now Facebook has spam. Spam in your face.


Post this on your status if you know someone that has or has been affected by lack of something else to put there.


If you love (insert kids, wife, grandmother, someone) post this to your status. I know the ones who will post this and bet I know those who won't. (Then why in heck are you asking?)


The first requests were only a few lines long. Now days they are a full screen long.  If everyone posts to their status we can keep this spam rolling for nine screens.


Status updates started out as a line or two. Then a longer paragraph.

Now you have status updates that tell a complete story that goes on and on for two, maybe more, screens.

Heck some of them go on for days, even weeks.


Isn't that what e-mail or some other medium is for? I think I know why Twitter limits posts to a certain amount of characters.


I think I am going to like Google +. At least I can put it in a circle and it will go round and round.

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