Monday, July 14, 2014

Power of Power 

Power is what we commonly call our electrical service. Many here just went through a period of no power after a small hurricane type wind storm. (Ok the authorities called it a big one.)



Power was off for days, 6 days or more for some. I would hate to experience a major storm like some areas in North America have had. By ratio our power would be off six months.



Pretty ironic in this day and age where we can communicate and do business from our home to all points around the world instantly.



Yet it all depends on power. Power that can be terminated in an instant by one of natures little breezes.



Freezers have thawed out. Water systems have been drained out and now require maintenance. The expense list could go on forever. Not even mentioning some health and safety issues and the risk involved.



All because we don't have power in an advanced digital electronic age where we should be way beyond that.



What's your point you ask?



Our power company was taken over by a private company a few years ago who's interest is profit.



Their workforce was cut in half to save money (read profit). Not office staff, but real workers such as linesmen.



Little or no maintenance is done on power lines - until they fail.



Of course power goes off during a slight wind. Trees stand within inches of the lines, almost touching. They are never trimmed until after the so called storm, and this one was really pretty moderate on the scale. Restoration takes days because there are thousands of them.



They do have a new name for it though, “Vegetation management!”



Our power rates continually go up because of costs. Costs such as investing in ocean transmission lines. Off shore explorations, propane instead of oil generators, again the list for profits could go on.



As long as we allow things to continue as they are, our no power experiences will be the same, costing us more.



I said in this advanced highly technical age we should have something better by now.



We should be able to do away with all those lines and have wireless power.





My son said we do, "It's called a battery!"



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