Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Don’t Do This To Me Again 

We are just about settled in our new winter home. Been a busy time the last while. As usual in a new location there are lots of things to get, things to put together, things to set up, and that is just about done.



Check the Thermometer


As I’ve mentioned before, my daily routine in the morning is to get up, kick the Keurig in gear, set down at the computer, check the highway cams & temperature for here, and back home.


So what if its warmer back home? Whhaaaattt???


This morning it was several degrees warmer in Nova Scotia than it was here at our Florida location.


Check again towards evening. There is still only a couple degrees difference between the two places.



Last Year too!


That happened last year too when we were staying at Panama City Beach.


Ask self a question: “Didn’t we come south to avoid cold weather and snow?”



No Snow & Unique Neighbours


Well there isn’t any snow and not likely to be any. The temperature is supposed to go back to t-shirt level and stay there day after tomorrow.


Not only that, where else would you get neighbours like these?


SandCrane1(Click for larger)


The three of them casually stroll down our street every morning, with not a care to be had.


If I see them with mittens and ear warmers, then I will get worried…

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