Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bye Panama City Beach 

RoseGarden will be on a short hiatus for the next week or so as we prepare once again to change locations from our winter home in Panama City Beach, Fl. to our regular home in Nova Scotia.





Departure Is Different

Sadly this departure is a little different, including more emotion than in the past, for we will not be returning next year.


After spending five four month winters in PCB, this generates a lot of memories, pictures and videos, and many good friends that will always be a part of our lives. This will surely require a visit now and then just to keep the old flames burning and contacts refreshed.


Not all memories are positive, but thankfully most are. In fact later on we will review our notes and present a few entries in RoseGarden with some of our experiences.




And The Award Goes To . . .

The main point of this blog entry is like those awards shows. There are so many people to thank for allowing us to have such wonderful winter experiences over those past five years.


At the risk of forgetting some, the list would include the following:

Thank You to -

  1. The local residents of Panama City Beach for allowing us to share your beach, your pleasant lifestyle in an area that is truly relaxing. (I won't mention this past winter which was a little cooler than usual. Oops I did.)
  2. Our landlord who gave us a winter residence for a very reasonable price with a setting and location that could not have been better in any way. There are no better hosts anywhere.
  3. To all our many snowbird friends from various parts of the United States and Canada. We started small and became a fairly large group that will go on for many years via Facebook and future visits now and then.
  4. To that super power above that has allowed all of us to be able to participate in the journey here, and to enjoy these experiences and be able to return again and again each year.
  5. Oh, and thank you to Destin as well as local Panama City Beach and Panama City stores, for keeping the ladies entertained with shopping sales, where they saved so much buying things they didn't plan to, because they were on sale.




Not One Shaker

Despite what the "Squall Line" says in the local paper, we never took one salt & pepper shaker, and we always tipped well every time.





Memories Are Made Of This

“Bye Panama City Beach, Florida, its been a dream come true experience never to be forgotten.”

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