Friday, August 29, 2014

Spam At My Door 

Until now I perceived spam as primarily arriving as unsolicited emails. I suppose one could include some of the pop-up type advertisements that suddenly encroach on your viewing pleasure when you are traversing through web sites.



Knock  Knock  Knock

Today it arrived at my door. The doorbell rang and upon opening the front door, there on the step stood a welcoming lady with a new twist of not the dance kind.


"How are you this morning?" she says, while passing me this neat little brochure which has been very professionally composed and printed.



It’s A Brand New Web Site, Honest

"I am introducing a brand new website which you should take a look at," she continues. "It has lots of good information that would interest you."


I glance at the brochure in my hand which has the title 'Where can we find answers to life's big questions?' 


"Google!" mind mind says.


"Really!" the lady says as I begin to close the door, "Its a nice new web site with a lot of information. You should take a look at it. Take a look at it."


The door is closed now, the lady is fading down the walkway and I am holding this dumb brochure.



Then It Hit Me

Then it was like that Frisbee getting bigger, then it hit me type of thing.


JW.org  -  in big letters on the back.


I almost got sucked in - - - by Spam - - - at the doorway!



But I didn't. - I didn't look at the website. Close though . . .

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